Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cedar Breaks and Bryce Canyon NP Day 1

September 15, 2014

Cedar Breaks National Monument.

We have arrived at our final destination as a group of six.  Well I have to correct that.  There have been more than six.  I will let you in on a secret.  Some more of us came along by getting into a box and riding in the back seat of the Bultman's car.  They bring so much we knew that we could come along.  We have had fun with the group, and when they found out we were along, they even let one or two of us out.  The rest of us wondered what they were did when they left us because they never returned.  However, we knew they liked us because they kept coming back to get another one or two of us each day.  Now, here we are, two of us in the box.  We are excited because we hope it is our day to come out of the box, and the group is going to see some awesome things.  I can tell because Don is really hipped up about Bryce Canyon and wants to see somebody name Hoodoo.  We left Zion for a three hour ride to Bryce ,but on the way, Phil wanted to show the road that Dave Gabrielse and Pete Dykema and Gary Nederveld biked up on their cross country bike trip  in 2010.  The road got higher and higher and I thought my skin would split.  When we arrived at the top of Cedar Breaks, we saw some breath taking sights of limestone and sandstone that were eroded away by water and wind for the last 10 million years.  GOD IS CREATIVE.  The beauty of orange, yellow, red, and white painted the landscape.  We then left for Bryce and went to our motel.  PROBLEMS!  Our motel doesn't have our registration, and it is below our standards.  We quickly find another place and again thank God for his blessings.  The group wants lunch and guess what. They take one of us out and I hear a soft sound.  I see my buddy  cut into six pieces so each one could take a piece.  What a sacrifice. Now, I am by my self, but I am still with the group.  We arrived in enough time to visit the Visitor's Center and sit through the movie explaining the history of the canyon, I think some one fell asleep.  Another secret - it is not a canyon, but I will challenge you to find out why not.  The last activity for the day was a walk along the rim with one of the naturalists. We learned about how the land forms were made and who were the Hoodoo (pronounced - whoo-do).  They aren't people at all, but are names that the Paiute Indians gave to the unique geological structures. They felt the Trickster Coyote turned his friends into these forms after they turn against him.  Well, we are all back in our cars and heading to our motel.  I am even more excited because I get to come back tomorrow.  That is, unless they make sandwiches - I am a tomato.


Cedar Breaks NM, The highest point on our trip so far.

Bryce Canyon National Park.

What's Hoodoo? 

Here are Hoodoos. Ya wanna see all 100 pictures of them.
An amazing landscape

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