Friday, September 12, 2014

Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado River, Glen Canyon Dam.

September 11, 2014

Fashion Notes: Since the weather fluctuates between 50 degrees in the morning and 90 at 3pm. layers seem to be the order of the day. This variety seems to make each of us unique by the hour. It also can make for more laundry for those that seem to be messy eaters or dirt/stain sensitive. Hard soled, hiking boots will be more practical in days to come since hiking in rocky, sandy environs will be the norm. No more beach casual and more hiking........ hooray! from your reporter's standpoint. Broad brimmed hats will be more visible in pictures that will be posted and skin will be slimy looking on those that use various different Navaho skin ointments for sunburn prevention. Speaking of skin, in a casual conversation with an older native American woman yesterday at MacDonald's, she assumed I was Native American. I assured I was not that my tribe was from North Holland and my clan from Hilversum. She seemed pleased with my genealogy.    dirk

SO. Which four states make up the Four Corners?  This was our first stop for the day.  It is controlled by the Navaho's who have turned it into a huge jewelry store.  Beautiful stuff but way too may vendors.  
Four Corners
Debbie's Hide A Way - our lodging for the next two nights. It is on a street subtitled "Street of the Little Motels" These small hotels were built when Page was created in 1957 around the building of the Glen Canyon Dam. Concrete block, one story, metal kitchen cabinets but remodeled. Actually they were not motels in 1957, but housing for the dam builders. Our unit has three bedrooms, one bathroom and a kitchen for only two butts at most. It's comfortable and a good find.  We likely would not have found this place but it we recommended to us by Kristy and Brian Quist when they were here a year ago.

You're kidding! Are we really going to stay here?

Not very inviting, but the inside is really quite nice.

The Colorado River has a meandering course south of the Glen Canyon Dam.  It makes a horseshoe bend which is very scenic, and popular, and requires a 3/4 mile walk to get to.  We did it and were blessed

Colorado River Horseshoe Bend

                                        A visit to the Glen Canyon Dam Visitors Center

                                           Dinner at Debbie's Hide A Way after a dam day.

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