Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mesa Verde Day 1

September 10, 2014

The route from Rehoboth to Mesa Verde took us north through Ship Rock.  This was the same road (US 285) which the Sea To Sea bike tour took last year - a 100 mile day.  Phil had many memories of the tense times last year because the road had washed out the night before.  The bikers finally got permission to take it but all the vehicles had to detour for over 100 miles.

Any how, we arrived in Cortez, CO (10 miles from the Park) the same time as a huge rainstorm.  .  We hunkered down at Wendy and made our grocery list.  The rain seemed to let up so we went grocery shopping before traveling to the Park.

Dirk warming up in the chicken warmer after the rain storm.

We thought the rain was done for the day so we took a tour through one of the ruins.  Wrong.  It rained, but the tour was not hampered by it.  The rock out cropping gave us good shelter.  We heard all about the ancient folks who lived here.  They were very resourceful.

A sculptured of a native carrying supplies up a rock face.

Did I mention rain?  We could not avoid it as we climbed out of this settlement - slippery rock steps and ladders.  We got to car wet and cold, but we were happy we did it anyway.  We are coming back tomorrow.  This area gets only 12 inches of rain each year.  I bet they got 2 of it today.  A park ranger said she has never seen rain like this before.

Our rented house, 15 miles outside the park, is beyond our expectations.  It is a three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house.  The décor is western cowboy/native American.  Everything is here.  We cannot believe our good fortune.
Bultman Bed

Two Humming bird feeders and another feeder outside the window.

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