Wednesday, September 3, 2014

GR to Springfield and St Louis

September 1, 2014

First day on the road.

We  got loaded and on the road about 7:30.  Our first goal was Springfield IL to visit the Abe Lincoln museum, library and family home.   The trip down was uneventful, with the usual pit stops and a lunch break at a rest area with goodies packed from home. 

Springfield traffic was very quiet this being a holiday and all.  The Lincoln Museum is very well done.  It, of course, highlighted Lincolns life with an emphasis on slavery and the civil war.   He was a "man for such a time as this." The press of the day caricatured him as a real dolt until the incident at Ford theatre then it deified him after John Booth killed him.  Every time I visit these kinds of venue, I learn so much more about where we have been.
Some new friends we met in Springfield

Dirk getting a little to familiar with Abe.

Lincoln Parlor

The only house the Lincolns ever owned.

The trip from Springfield to St Louis was only a hundred miles.  Arriving at 7:30 we were a bit panicked when no one answered the door at our first Airbnb.  A phone call to Chris told us that the keys were in the mail box, so we settled in for two nights.  It's an old place with two bedrooms and one bath.
Rented from Chris through Airbnb in St Louis

Phil and Jan won the right to sleep on the very large air mattress in the living room after a coin toss.  It was a good win since it was very comfortable.  This Airbnb thing is going to be very interesting since we have no idea what to really expect.  This first place is old but well equipped.  We are happy with it. Fortunately Jan, Barb and Sharon took some food along 'cause we didn't feel like trying to find a restaurant.

Chris the owner stopped in to welcome us and give us tourist tips about the area. 

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