Saturday, September 6, 2014

Oklahoma City, OK to Santa Fe, NM via Albuquerque NM

September 5, 2014

The drive from OK City to Santa Fe was the longest to date - eight hours.  It was broken up by a visit to East Central Ministries in Albuquerque.
One of the building of East Central Ministries
 John Bulten is the founder and executive director.  For those of you who like to play Dutch bingo, John is the son of  Dr. Bob and the late Ina Bulten of Grand Rapids. 
John Bulten the glue which holds the ministry together.

East Central Ministries is a Christian outreach program to the largely Hispanic community around the buildings.  It has been sponsored by various programs in the CRC and a few CRC congregations in Grand Rapids.  Currently it is pretty much self supporting via donations, services, and products produced by the ministry.  John gave us a tour of the medical and dental clinics, the pottery making program, the community garden program, the chicken coop and chicken raising program, the produce distribution program.  He said he consulted Eastern Ave CRC food distribution program before he started  this program.
Chicken coops built and sold to the community.

Clay pot irrigation systems sold to landscapers.

Green house used for starting plants for urban farming.

Each resident of Albuquerque may raise 16 hens.

They also have a thrift store with high end stuff.  John said his dad Bob comes to Albuquerque every other month and he loves to spend his time here in the store.  Bob spends every other month in GR working at being a doctor, including volunteering his time at the Baxter Community Center. For those of us who are charitably minded, this would be a great program to support.

In our drive today we experienced changing weather and landscape.  The temperature began at 85, changing to 62 with rain,and back to mid sunny 80's in Albuquerque.  The landscape changed from flat prairie to scrubs to rolling hills with buttes and messes and  green junipers, and the Sanger de Christo mountains. John directed us up NM 14 to Santa Fe, a beautiful drive.  We were blessed with 4 stunting rainbows as the clouds and rain popped up in different areas in the big sky.  Another reminder of our faithful creator!

In Santa Fe, we have another Airbnb rented place for three nights.  It's a two bedroom one bath place, and very nicely supplied.   (Except for the toilet paper - but that may be too much information.)
Our three night abode in Santa Fe

Boy are we here at the right time.  This is the Santa Fe Festival weekend.  The event is billed as the oldest festival in the US.  It celebrates the re-conquest of the native Americans by the Spanish from Mexico after the Indians had earlier kicked them out. We are in walking distance of the festivities.  What a ball.  This is like the Festival of the Arts in GR.  There are food booths after food booths, and a couple of music stages.   Also thousands of people.  There is a kids and their pets parade tomorrow.
Serendipity.  Phil

Fashion Report:
I have only one brief observation as the fashion consultant on the trip as well as a brief update on our personal dress. Observation first, if you plan to visit any of the presidential museums wear long johns, gloves and a warm hat. It appears that preservation of artifacts involves a dry freezing process that chills everything including all visitors.
Barb wore the same outfit for the third time, it appears it has a pattern that is somewhat southwestern and therefore, it could be run out again.
I agree and hope it doesn't end up smelling like an old horse blanket. My shorts are still serviceable but I may dress up for church tomorrow.  Dirk

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